Material Exploration
Fabrication / Craftsmanship / Digital Prototyping

Here are some projects showcasing different fabrication methods which range from wood, metal, and 3D modelling to digital prototypes.

Metal/Wood Fabrication

Wood Amplifier

A wooden speaker lathed into a bowl shape which is hollow inside to amplify the sound of music naturally. Listen to music by simply sliding in the smart phone.

Hood Ornament

A car hood ornament that can open your beer. It was made with three separate pieces connected with one screw. The production process involved a lot of sanding, cutting, and sandblasting.

Rapid Prototyping

Before After

Chess Piece

A queen chess piece with a hidden crown on its back: Shine the light underneath and the hidden crow will be revealed. The model was made with Rhino 3D and rendered in KeyShot.

Contact Lenses Case

Contact lens case with a pattern that only nearsighted people can see while taking off their lenses (so I can show off to those of my friends who have good eyes!).

Electronic Prototyping

Changeable LED Necklace

In 2016, my team and I won a second place in and were invited to WayHome (a 3-day concert camp). During the trip, I came up with the idea of a customizable LED necklace that could be changed into any design. The production process involved laser cutting and 3D printing.

Night Lamp

A colour-changing kid’s night lamp with a button at the back.  It contains three addressable LEDs and an Arduino Uno R3. The bottom (orange part) of the lamp is a 3D-printed container connected with a cap thread.

Dog Translator

A heart rate sensing wearable for dogs which represents their mood. The heart rate sensor is located at the front of the chest and an LED is located on the dog’s back. The LED indicates the dog’s current heart rate range using colours.

Piano Bowl
A playable bowl-shaped piano with four different lid depths. The device contained an Arduino Uno R3, an ultrasonic sensor, buzz, and two LEDs. The process of making the bowls involved wood lathing, CNC, silicone mold making, and resin casting. ( Click to see the video )