“A multi-dimensional drawing”

Immersion is an installation design for the Kentwood Competition 2017, the design won 2nd place and was showcased at 2017 IDS exhibition. The project was completed with my three talented teammates, Annie Zhang, Avis Ho, and Iris Ho.

"Sit here, and let your emotions flow. To feel the moment when yourself and your emotions start dissolving into the space, and merging together with it."

Flooring is flat and two-dimensional surface. It creates mainly two-dimensional space, and three-dimensional sometimes. We want to explore the potential of Kentwood flooring in space through turning flooring panels into a larger, constructed surfaces. By layering these surfaces and then convert and transform the idea that “flooring is flat” into a multi-dimensional experience that allows the audience to relax and let their emotions to flow freely inside of the space.

The idea is to create a zen space that has a ritual representation and create an emotional attachment to the audience, a place where you can let your mind be immersed in the realm of calm and quiet ambiance.

In term of construction, our idea is to trim the flooring into repetitive organic shape than layer them into one connected piece as a unit. Seven to ten units will be placed in the space, some on the wall and some on the floor. We will also add warmth to space through soft, tactile material such as various yarns. The harness will be fringe panels made out of yarns that echo the shape of units which symbolizing the flowing emotions in the space.

Here is a video of how we cut those flooring into different organic pieces, and it demonstrates how the process of making looks like.

The installation is designed to be module and easily portable, that allows us to assemble the installation on-site fast and effortless.

Caution: The video contains sharp wood cutting sound

IDS Exhibition

The final setup of Immersion also won the Designlines tag and was exhibited in the Interior Design Show for four days.

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