What if we could save water while still enjoying a shower experience?

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Ecobee: Shower

Ecobee Smart Home (2017) is a project that aims to analyze the target users' needs and to grow the product line by using the company's fundamental design strategy: Save more and live better. Ecobee Shower is a device that allows users to save water while enjoying a shower experience with time-saving and water temperature stability features.

Initial Findings

62.5% people like to know how much time they spend showering

72.3% people like to know how much water they use during shower

In alignment with the company principle, we started with quantitative research. A survey (n=65) of people approximately 25–50 years of age indicated that they would like to know how much water they use and how long they take while showering. The research shows that people spend more than 10 minutes in the shower, despite the fact that 5 to 10 minutes is best for the skin. The longer the shower time, the faster the moisture and natural oils in our skin escape, and this will lead to dry and itchy skin.

Project Goal & Minimum Viable Product

Ecobee: Shower

The rubber strap extension will be connected to the showerhead to detect temperature, and then the information will be transfer to the Shower via Bluetooth.

Concept Video

Team: Tracy Yang & Alex Liu

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