Web Icon Animation

July 27, 2020

My logo's design concept is based on my design philosophy. Design is not just a tool to make something functional or to fix problems. Design is also something that can make people happy and trigger a smile. I like to design functional things that also make users laugh.

This is originally my G Suite signature animation, but I removed it since not all devices will play gif in Gmail.

Hamburger animation, created with AE and rendered with Bodymovin plug-in, was fun doing things that can interact with the user.

I made those icon animations with KeyShot and AE. It was a bit struggling as the files were quite big to be embedded into my site. I tried five different experiments to render it and turned out to be successful.

This is a chair I made during my thesis process, and the particular effect called particle playground could not render with Bodymovin. Besides the file size problem, this also created a hassle to render—the problem solved with creating an individual mask to trace the effect.