Ways to Apply Lip Balm

July 10, 2020

Ways to Apply Lip Balm is a small critical design project I did back in 2018. It is a project that targets the Asian & Chinese culture with its prejudice of male and female. I grew up in a family where my dad always mentions many things that are too feminine for my brother to do and vice versa for my mom to force me not to do things that are too masculine.

Lip balm is also something that identified as a feminine product. Samsung CEO using lip balm can also bring lots of interest, and there is even a product called Dudestick.

So I decided to do a funny project to talk about the perception of gender bias. Ways to Apply Lip Balm provides a different solution to apply lip balm in various methods.

The prototype turned lip balm into butter, pencil, and stamp. There is also a little funny guide book with more different techniques.