Material Repurpose

July 9, 2020

When I was in the third year of my university, I made a few  material repurpose experiment for the class project. The instructor requires us to source waste from the local industry, so I went to St. Lawrence Market, located in downtown Toronto. I asked a few vendors if they could give me some of their wastes.

I was afraid if they will kick me out of the market, but luckily they are super kind, and i got some coffee ground, seeds, fish scales, cork during the trip. Then I turned coffee ground and seeds into stones (using a mold I made with silicone) that can grow plants for another project called Wafo. And did an experiment to heat press the fish scales by using the same mold and turned it into something like plastic-ish material (t's really smelly and extremely dense.)

This one is a really abnormal piece. I used my trimmed hair and felted into a piece of fabric then sewed it to a small little coin bag. The process is somehow a little complicated, as I did some testing, the hair needs to be untangled and straighten first to do the felting process.