Loi The Lonely Monster

July 7, 2020

The Lonely Monster is a character I designed during the 2018 summer for an artist alley market. The figures included a dusty monster Loi and his competent, a Shiba Inu, Hoi. The design of Hoi was inspired based on my dog.

Loi The Lonely Monster 邊緣獸

邊緣(bian yuan) indicates edge; however, in Taiwanese slang, it refers to people who are the lone ranger and likely to be alone. 獸(Shou) implies monster, whereas 邊緣獸 (bian yuan shou) means “the lonely monster.”

Story of Loi

Loi is a dust monster spawned by the rising construction site in Toronto. He is a composite dust particle often living in the corner of a quiet space. Loi hates tension and complexity; he chooses loneliness because zen space often makes him calm. He doesn’t like to be in contact with anything except his pet, Hoi.

During the artist alley, The Lonely Monster received lots of interest, and I’m glad that most people got the humour. Or they get pretty annoying like me to live surrounded by TONS of construction sites.