My name is Sony, I was born and raised in Taiwan, currently in Calgary. I used to design physical product, and I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design with a minor in Wearable Tech and Sustainability from the Ontario College of Art and Design University

I see myself as a multidisciplinary designer (and a bobaholic) who synthesizes design with critical thinking. I believe that a creative thinker is like a magician who uses their ideas to dazzle the world. For me, a good design is to create something that is not only an instrument for problem-solving but also a medium for reconnecting the society and make us more human. What gets me the happiest is using design and creative thinking to make people smile.
Outside of work, I enjoy my time with my dog, playing switch games, doing 3D printing, and making some of my crazy design idea into reality. My less favourite thing to do is to clean up the house.

Feel free to look through my Instagram, I sometimes update project progress, inspirational feed, and funny photos of my dog: